Luxurious Line of Skincare product from Korea - Developed by Korean Advance Science Institue, 100% natural. Benefits of Placenta has long been adored by women and the wonders it does to our skin is miraculous. This line of products is used by medical professionals and also in professional and well-known beauty salons in US, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Exclusive for the rich and the famous for 20 years, it has developed a whole new range, with the same placenta benefits.

Bring you the Anna Gaspi luxurious skincare line, which combines both science technology and dermatology under one product, a breakthrough and it is the first beauty brand in Korea to achieve that through many years of intensive research.

Brought in directly from Korea (not found in sg) for usage in professional saloons and spa, the excess stock (limited) is now available and on sale. Limited quantity only. First come first serve.

Aqua gel with Placenta extract - Usual: SGD 89, now at SGD 59

Intensive Repaiir Placenta Toner - Usual SGD 69, now at SGF 39

Free gifts for more than 2 orders.

Email: [email protected].

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