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Welcome to CozyCot - Newbie intro!

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  • Welcome to CozyCot - Newbie intro!

    Hi everyone,

    Juat wanna say Hello and intro myself. Think I'm one of the oldest here in CozyCot forums! Nevertheless, I've been & am enjoying every read since I've chanced upon this site months ago. Loving CC already.

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    Welcome to CC. I am the same age as you so you're not alone in feeling old.


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      Hi Ladies

      Couldnt find a proper forum to introduce myself when I first joined but I had taken part in a few threads already.

      Guess it is not too late to introduce myself though! I am goin 24 end of the year...I guess it is the different kind of ages of ladies that make this forum so interesting!!

      Great knowing everybody...


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        Abt me~

        Hi! I am Xueli.. still new to CozyCot.. actually very new cos this is the first time i join forum.. haa! after 1 month then realise how to navigate around! 19yrs old this year and i love to shop!


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          really new to this forum but i simply love it on the day i first joined.
          turning 21 in a few months time...
          i think this forum has made me gain much more knowledge than any other sources


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            brumeux here..!

            dear fellow cotters...

            I also haven't intro myself, joined just before the cozycot upgrade maintenance. Was waiting for the stick of the post thread

            I'm Yolanda, 29 this year.. come from Indonesia, here as a PR.
            Get to know cozycot from pretty_panda, since then, not a single day without cozycot!
            Gosh... so many info that I have wanted to know and read, but have yet to finish. Since I have been insomnia for months.. cozycot has been my place to turn to .
            Hope to exchange more info and have a bigger and bigger and bigger family here...


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              hi all... me also part of the old-but-still young at heart gals club (turning 32 this year)! i have actually been browsing this forum for some time, but was kinda shy about taking part cos i thought everyone was very young. i now see that there are lots of gals around my age, like glossie and stellat! so here i am, really looking forward to taking part in this amazingly-useful and cozy forum!


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                Hi everyone!! I'm a newcomer here as well~ I'm 18 , from Singapore and still studying. Though now its a holiday. hehez


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                  yo! whinybubbles here... new to this forum!


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                    Originally posted by Glossie

                    No!! The granny title belongs to me don't you snatch it from me!

                    Great to hear you're liking it here. Do join in the discussion whenever you wish to! See ya!

                    Okay granny


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                      Originally posted by atypical
                      Welcome to CC. I am the same age as you so you're not alone in feeling old.
                      atypical, thanks.
                      Sure feel much more comfortable right now knowing that there are cotters out there around me age


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                        Hi all, I'm 24 this year and really hook onto this forum that I had to come in at least twice a day! Hope to get to know more about you guys!


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                          Hi everyone.. A newbie here. Am 20 this year. Got to know about this forum through recommendations. Very interesting stuff to read about here..


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                            Hi Everyone

                            I enjoyed reading the reviews and critics of products that you guys have tried and tested. Hopefully i can contribute too in time to come..


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                              Zennfe here

                              Hi all cotters,

                              I am Zennfe, 25+ this year, living in Yio Chu Kang. Just registered myself 2 days ago. Really like this forum. Hope to make myself prettier through all this expertise, advise and discussion from all the cotters.

                              Cheers !

                              From Zennfe