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  • All about avatar and picture upload

    I want to upload a picture as my avatar, but I?m not sure how to re-size it. Help!
    Once you found your preferred image, editing it and uploading is peanuts.

    One of the simplest and most common softwares is Irfanview. Many ladies don't know a thing about image editing too; they used this software and are now the best spoke-women

    Here are the basic steps:
    1. Open up IrfanView, open your saved product image
    2. Go to Image > Resize/Resample
    3. Go to Set new size
    4. Type in Width 90, Height 90, Unit Pixel.
    5. Uncheck Preserve aspect ration
    6. Click Ok and saved the new resized image in .jpg
    7. Go get it up! Go to User CP? then My Options and head to the bottom of the page.

    If you have no image in mind, you might want to make your own avatar! Visit Icon Maker.

    How can I post pictures in CozyCot?
    You can do so by remote linking your pictures.

    To remote link your photos & images, you need to have them stored on a website that allows remote linking. There are many free websites that you can use.

    Some examples are:
    Please note that Geocities and Tripod do not allow remote linking.

    To post your picture using remote linking, ensure that you have the web address for the photo, not just the page where the photo is located.

    To find this, right mouse click on the picture and select "Properties" then copy the Address (URL) found in the Properties box.

    When you are posting in CozyCot, click on the "IMG" button above the box where you enter your reply and paste the web address of your picture in the pop up box. Simply repeat this process for as many photos as you wish in a post.
    Love & Blessings,
    CozyCot Crew
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    Is the avator up? Saw quite a number of pretty cotters and pretty avatar around.


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      OH YES!!!!!!!!!!! Our avatar is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        I noticed that too.
        suddenly there's a 'face' to relate to my posts. LoL! ~meow~


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          omg!! I'm so surprise to see my avatar again!! Good job to whoever did this


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            I cant update my avatar.. I dunno what wrong with that ...


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              Is the size too big or something? U can change your avatar in User CP column.


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                Thanks to whoever got the avatars working!


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                  OH YEAH!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

                  p/s: does that mean we can post pic instead of the direct link in the forum eg: sales forum?


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                    Sorry, i think there is thread for us to post the problems, but i don't seem to find it anymore.

                    I can't see the emoticons. anyone has this problem?


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                      User CP > Edit Options > Miscellaneous Options > Message Editor Interface > Select Standard Editor - Extra Formatting Controls

                      mikki, I was looking ard and think this will help


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                        erm, i uploaded an avatar for my profile but it doesn't appear beside my post here? is there somewhere else i need to upload the picture?


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                          iheartchoco: how big was your file size? the size of the uploaded pic must be small. the size was written on the uploading page, in case you have missed out.


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                            hi sunkisstiffy,

                            the dimension is 100 x 100
                            size is only 5.79kb. =D


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                              iheartchoco: the avatar's size is whichever is smaller in terms of pixels and KB. 5.79KB is very small, should not be a problem. for me, i select "Use Custom Avatar", then browse from computer and click on "save changes". you also?